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Re: Lamictal questions...

Hi Tsohl,

We've had a few conversations about how he will handle any potential drinking, he does have awareness that ideally he shouldn't drink at all based on past incidents, and what his therapist and pdoc have explained to him. He seems 'disappointed' in himself about the way he has acted the last handful of times he has used alcohol. This he does on his own. He does tell me that he's a "Big Boy", which is true. I hope that my Big Boy can be Big Boy responsible then. Even though he is well equipped with the knowledge he needs as why he SHOULDN'T drink, it will be interesting to see how he handles it when we are in the next situation where it is around him. (I'm nervous) I even suggested just telling anyone who may be pressuring him to have a drink that he's on medication. I wouldn't mind telling someone this, but I think he may be too sensitive about it. They don't have to know what kind of medication he's on, many meds/antibiotics shouldn't be mixed with alcohol.

You mentioned things always being rocky in the beginning of the journey with meds toward stabilization - - but it has been 3 years of trying to find the right combo ~ so I sure hope this is it! We must still be in the beginning of the LONG journey to manage BP .

I know your son has been stable for over 2 years now, can you tell me from what you know, can the right med combo work for long periods of time, possibly even a lifetime? Or does the person's body eventually develop some resistance and the meds have to be changed. It sure would be nice to coast along for a good long while!

As always, thank u for all your wisdom and for caring.