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Re: How long should my baby be sleeping?

i agree, babies will sleep as much as their bodies need. She will lessen up when her body is ready. also, she will stop sleeping through the night when she is teething, not feeling well or learning a new "something" weather it be walking babbling or crawling. They tend to wake at night and start fooling around. Just dont encourage it and ignor it. Make sure she is ok and not too wet and let her be. Maybe give her her paicifier. My dd11 months is in my room still(we have no room) and she is great and always has been. she gets up at night and just hangs out for about a half hour maybe an hour. one night she was up 2 hours just babbling. I just let it happen and slept through it hearing her in my sleep when she squeeled real loud. LOL But I didnt talk to her, one night she was up and I put the tv on. She watched it for 10minutes and fell back to sleep.

good luck