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Re: Brothers died

Hi Justine..
I wanted to say I agree with everyone who posted before me. But Justine...I do also think you know something's not right with your relationship or you wouldnt have come here about it. You love him....but because you still think he will change. How people handle crisis is very enlightening. He may have been supportive when your brother died....but then went back to being disrespectful to you. This tells me this will be a pattern and I actually think you are lucky right now to be given this warning before you go further in the relationship. I am not saying he does not care about you....but if he loved you he would not treat you the way he does. He needs to respect you.....and you need to respect yourself. If you dont, he wont. It's just my opinion for whatever it's worth....but life can throw you alot of curveballs. You've suffered a terrible loss with your brother...but sadly life doesnt just stop there. There will be other turmoils to go through...and you need someone by your side who will be strong for you. And in the same respect, life can give you lots of joy...and you want to share it with someone who truly appreciates and respects you.
Best of luck....