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Re: Lamictal questions...

Hi Tsohl, Goody, Eyes, & all my friends here...

Just a quick update to let you know that my hubbie has been on 100 mg of Lamictal for a week now and it seems as though he is finally recognizing the positive changes within himself on his own! He saw his pdoc tonight and he is going to keep him at the 100 mg for a while, this may be enough for now with the lithium, he is really doing great and I feel I have my husband back (even better than before!) I can hardly believe that we may have FINALLY found the right combo for him!!

I am still wondering for those of you with experience with Lamictal (esp. Lamictal mixed with lithium or another mood stabilizer)...will Lamictal work for a good long while without being adjusted/increased? Or is it another case (like with the lithium) that after years you may become resistant to it?

Now that my husband has also been in consistent psychotherapy with a wonderful therapist for several months, do you think this will also help him recognize changes if they need to be addressed BEFORE any major mania kicks in? He seems to have more self awareness now, and doesn't seem as much in denial (if at all, but he hasn't confirmed that yet). I'm just wondering if what he has learned in therapy and how he is feeling while he's stabilized on meds will stick with him, even if he is experiencing symptoms. I'm wondering if he'll be able to control his behaviour better, and if once you really do realize that you have a problem, accept that things are much better with the right treatment, and have the right meds helping you, will you know if the meds stop working, or does the illness still prevent you for realizing that something is amiss.

God bless you all for all of your insight, support and encouragement - this has been a very long road and finding meds that help my husband is a much needed break.

I know there are a lot of you out there who are still struggling, whether it's a struggle with BP or a struggle with or for a loved one, I am thinking of each one of you. I will still be scooting around here, and keeping an eye on how everyone is doing on their own personal journeys.


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