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Health Regimen for CIN I-II

Hi furtiva,

I started a new thread that we can refer to later on as the months go by (and anyone else on this board for that matter who is pursuing a health regimen to help the body suppress the HPV).

I've been on BCP on and off for 5 years too! What is brown mask? Although it never gave me any side effects (although ortho tri-cyclen was the WORST), I'm ready to get off it to see if this helps my body speed things along in terms of dysplasia and suppressing HPV. I'm just annoyed that my docs never said in the past 2 years of my ASCUS paps that BCP deplete essential vitamins that the body needs to keep dysplasia at bay.

So you said you use the plan B pill sometimes-- I'm assuming when you have an accident? Do you use condoms now otherwise?

We must keep in touch as the weeks go by. And your re-pap is before mine (Sep), so you'll have to let us all know how it turns out! Have a great weekend!

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