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Re: Health Regimen for CIN I-II

HI Lagirl,

thanks for starting the thread. I was browsing the other threads and came across the discussion among Michelle, Karen and Kim in regards to the HPV relation with CC. It made me think of the variety of women that seek help and information and read these sites. It's a wonderful thing to have this opportunity of learning and supporting each other.

Anyway, regarding your BCP questions, I tried Ortho-tri cyclen and it was the second worst for me, the first place goes to Loestrin Fe (which has very little estrogen and supposly lighter side effects but my body just did not like it all). I don't use condoms as we are in a committed relationship (marriage is projected for the near future), so I'm prone to "accidents". Because of the research I have done so far on BCP and their compounds, I feel comfortable using plan B, since it is an all and only progesterone, and it does not have any adverse effect on our bodies in terms of triggering the production of more estrogen. I have been suggested many other BC methods but I against all the hormonal ones that include estrogen on it. After having some children maybe I can go for the 5 year syringe option. Not yet though.

I am currently practicing FAM, the natural fertility method, for which I did tons of research. It goes well with me since I am now more knowlegdable of my body hormonal changes, my cycle, and much aware of ovulation time. The downside is that Plan B must be handy if you or your partner forget one night out of the five "risky" ones that you are ovulating. It's super easy: measure your basal body temperature every morning in a chart, observe your cervical fluid changes (this has proven very reliable to me), look for changes in cervic position (I really dont do this much), look for signs of ovulation (same signs as pms, tender breasts, mood changing etc)and compare the charts for at least a couple of months until you're confident. Now I dont even need to chart that much because I know my body well, and if an accident happen, Plan B is attainable even without a prescription.

As far as the brown mask, they usually appeare in women during pregnancy or taking birth control pills, commonly known as melasma (chloasma). They're caused by hormonal changes. I got a small brown coloration in my face beacuse a brand of birth control that had way too much estrogen on it. I only used that brand for five months (after that bad experience with ortho -tri cyclen), enough to make the difference on me.

I just noticed that I was running low on folic acid, and I'll get some more. That made me think, what brands of vitamins do you use? [removed]

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