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Re: Health Regimen for CIN I-II

Hi again furtiva,

Well I guess we can't share which brands of vitamins we use with each other! My ND sold me vitamins that she prescribes for her patients, including folic acid supplements that are supposedly a more purified form of tablets (sorry I can't tell you the brand because of the board rules!).

Regarding birth control, I've never tried the natural rhythm method-- I think I'd be too paranoid to try it out! But after having been on BCP for so long, going back to condoms will be a change. At this point, though, I'm really willing to try anything and everything that it takes to suppress this nasty virus. And help the dysplasia regress!

Have you read that article by Dr. Tori Hudson on cervical dysplasia and naturopathy? It's really interesting and it'll give you some pointers and hope! I think the articles sites a study where 43 women who had dysplasia (from CIN I to CIN III) and were treated with a naturopathic regimen-- it says 38 went back to normal paps, 3 had some improvement on paps, 2 stayed the same and NONE progressed to a more advanced stage of dysplasia. This article was published in a naturopathic journal of medicine so I know it's not full of crap-- it's very encouraging but it definitely means that we have to stay the course with our regimen and not get lazy with suppositories, supplements, exercise, etc. Try searching for the article online for it, it's called "Preventing and Treating Cervical Dysplasia: A Natural Medicine Perspective."

Have a good weekend!