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Re: Sleepless in Florida


I too have been having big problems in the sleep arena. I will give you some tips that particularly work for me since my sleeplessness is more manic induced then not.

1. Try soothing music very soft or a fan. Sometimes the light noise of the fan is relaxing.

2. Try a boring book or television show. Some peeps swear by it.

3. They say don't exercise, drink caffeine a certain amount of time prior to going to bed as they will actually pump you up rather then allowing sleep to come.

4. Keep to a sleep schedule of going to bed and getting up the same time regardless of how tired or not tired you are.

5. Try a lavender sachet. I hear beneath the pillow that the scent is relaxing and is suppose to help with tea.

6. Try hot tea I can't remember which one but they got sleepy little bears on the box. I hope that helps I want to say chamomille but not sure on that one.

7. Try getting exercise during the day so that at night you are ready to go to sleep.

8. If you find that you can't sleep period no matter what you do then don't fight it and stay in bed. Your body gets to view the bed as fight time and it can acutally make going to sleep harder. Also try soft lighting instead of the bright lights for bedrooms. The brightness for some can simulate sunshine to an extent and actually make you feel wide awake.

9. For some avoid the netting late at night lets the mind simmer down from the day's activities or stresses. By reading what others have been up to or feeling we might get involved causing the mind to work overtime making us feel wide awake. So perhaps limit the time you might be on and if you go to bed at let's say ten o'clock then maybe by eight shut it off. That way the mind has time to unwind.

I hope some of these suggestions might be helpful for you. Last resort is Tylenol Pm or the generic. I would suggest only use if you can get eight hours or so of sleep and not to take more then the recommended dose.