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Re: Sleepless in Florida

Hi Judie,
Have you tried any meds? Acupressure? Hebal remedies?

I too am a total insomniac...have been for quite a while now. I typically go through my day on 2-4 hours of sleep, and even less since I've been in the hospital.

Anyway, I know Valarian root capsules help a lot of people with insomnia. Also, there are some acupressure points on the wrists, that is used to treat insomnia. One, is on the same side as your pinky finger, right at the wrist crease. (This is called the Spirit Gate) The other point is the Inner Gate, and is about two, two and a half finger widths down from the wrist crease, right in the middle, on the inside of the forearm. These are both good to calm a "racy" heart, help with anxiety, and good at helping with sleep, plus it's easy to do on yourself. I'm not sure if your into this type of stuff, just a thought though.

I've tried several OTC medications, but I had to be careful, as up until recently, I had a nursing baby. But a lot of people have sworn by just the simple Tylenol PM. I'm currently givin Rozerem, but it hasn't actually helped with the sleep, just makes me a little loopy feeling.
Good luck, It really is no fun, when you can't sleep, but the world around you sleeps!
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