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Re: Thyroid Hormone Resistance

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Hey binks,

Thyroid hormone resistance is a very difficult diagnosis to get. A lot of docs don't even know it exists or what it's really about. How'd you do it? What kind of labs and tests did they do? I glanced back at some of your other posts. I thought you had been diagnosed with hashis???? Do you have antibodies? Almost no one with RTH has antibodies. It's a very rare syndrome. Did they say you have PRTH or GRTH? There are also some docs out there that attribute certain things to it when it's not actually the case. RTH is a true genetic mutation with very specific diagnostic criteria.

Not terribly dangerous unless you actually have symptoms (some people go thru life without even knowing they have it) and it isn't treated. Only one person has ever died from it being a contributing cause and they had a double mutation and pneumonia. Myriad of symptoms and presentations and pretty much the treatment is tailored to an individuals needs. I got tons of info about it. How bout posting your labs and how they came about this diagnosis.

I body does not seem to respond to normal levels of T3. I have to take higher doses, as reflected by lab values in order to have an even average response and start to feel a little better. I have a lot of fatigue and muscle pains. My blood pressure and pulse are within normal range now, or at least close to it. Previously, they had been low. My doc feels my adrenal issues have influenced the thyroid resistance. I know Dr. Lowe has a website which briefly explains thyroid hormone resistance. What info do you have. I'd like to read it. Thanks for your input.