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Re: Please Help,info Needed

There is a bulletin at the top of this board about vitamins etc. that you could check out. I need to review it too. I take 4 malic Acid with Magnesium tablets a day. 1.5 grams of malic acid (there is no fda daily requirement for this) and 500 mg of magnesium citrate 125% of the daily requirement; and i take 3 Source of Life whole food vitamins which have magnesium as aminoate complex 100 mg which is 25% of the daily requirement. When i added a magnesium oxide tablet, I got diarrhea, but I really can't remember for sure which one causes diarrhea. you know like milk of magnesia. I also eat an apple every day, they are a good source of malic acid. I still have flares right before it rains and when a cold front moves in and if i overdo it. But i used to be in chronic pain + flares and was bedridden for awhile. I really think the vitamins help and minerals help. I also take a whole slew of other ones and Noni Juice. And I drink a protein shake with 25 or so essential amino acids.