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Re: candida

Yes men get it too. All humans have candida (yeast) in the body. Yeasts are part of the healthy flora and fauna in our bodies. All have it. Men can get yeast infection too of the genitals or anus too.
An abundance of candida can make the intestinal walls weak. When they are weak toxins seep out and casue all kinds of problems in the body. The medical feild and science has come up with names for problems that people get. Like IBS, or hormones imbalance they title it PMS,PMDD,high blood presure they blame of salt but can be from yeast.
MS to lupus to arthritis to catching cold can all be caused from to much candida in the body.
Many suffer wtih their bones, cartilage, tendon, and ligament deterioration are can be from Candida. It casues an acid buildup, which eats away at the connective tissues and joint cartilage. Many people that have arthritis are really suffering from Candida excess. The excess body acid from Candida overgrowth sits in the joints, inflaming them.
Doctors label these problems with a fancy name and put you on pain pills or antibiotics. Both of them can cause even more of an over growth of yeast and cause more problems. Not all peoples problems are strictly from an over growth of yeast but since doctors do not run a yeast test how does one really know what the problems are causes from?

There are so many things things that an overgrowth of candida (yeast) can do in men and women.

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