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Re: Health Regimen for CIN I-II

Hi furtiva!

That's annoying that they banned you-- I guess we can only help each other to a certain degree!

Yes I agree-- let's see if the Vitamins section will let us share our brand names with each other. I would like to share with you the type of folic acid supplement I take 2x a day because my doctor says it's a more "pure" form (sorry I can't remember the exact medical/technical terminology for it) so that the body absorbs and processes it better.

It's been 1 week since I started my regimen and it's not too bad! Taking vitamins twice a day isn't so bad and even the suppositories aren't as uncomfortable/icky as I thought they'd be. Do you use the vag pack suppositories too?

Today I'm going to visit my best friend's mom, the gynecologist. And then in 2 weeks I will see a gynecologist from my university. It will be interesting to see how they diverge in terms of treatment recommendations for women like us with CIN I-II. I'll report back to you later today! Have a nice Monday!