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Re: Breast Feeding vs. Formula

if you have a local WIC office they have tons of information on breast feeding and formula. but i list off the main points in one of the phamplets she gave me. i hope it helps and im not trying to lean you either way this is just what they gave me.

breast milk is easier, and always warm and ready. breast milk is pure, clean, and safe. breast milk changes to meet the needs of your growing baby. babies need different amounts of food, breast feeding gives just the right amount.

breast feeding gives you a special bond with your baby. breast milk is the purfect nurtition for your baby. each time you breast feed it helps your baby fight germs.

breastfed babies have: fewer ear infections, less diarrhea and constipation, fewer illnesses. when BF babies do get sick its usually milder and dosent last as long.

BF helps protect against: allergies, asthma, some childhood cancers, and diabetes. formula is expensive (which i know is true, i used to work for stater bros, about 2 years ago and each can was about $21, and it usually wont last a week).you will spend more on bottles, nipples, and other such things with formula.

there is no landfill waste from breast feeding. BF is good for mommy too. you will not need to heat or wash bottles. you wont have to stumble around and make the baby wait for the bottle, the milk is always ready. BF babies smell sweeter and diapers smell less.

BF babies are less likely to spit up. and when they do it wont stain like formula. BF will make your uterus shrink faster. BF reduces some types of breast and ovarian cancer. BF hormomes will help you relax.

God bless