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Re: Breast Feeding vs. Formula

Downsides to bottle feeding - Reflux for one. It is almost unheard of in BF babies. It seemed like almost half the babies in my gymboree class that were bottle fed had it. Even with medication they have to take babies are still fussy and spit up often. And I mean projectile spitting up. Having had reflux I would imagine those poor little ones are miserable.

Then you had the babies that couldn't take any of the regular formulas and ended up on the special ones that costed $40 can - that they went through in one day. I really don't know how those parents afforded it.

Of course - there is the recurrent illnesses that can occur with formula. When my daughter went to her 12 month well-baby appointment and had never been sick or had an ear infection (still hasn't) the doctor was amazed until she read she was a BF baby. Considering that she had half my genes - I have horrible allergies and had ear infections every month until I was 6 years old - I consider it exceptional.

I don't know what medicines you take, but I would first confirm that they are incompatible with breastfeeding. Honestly I had surgery and was told I couldn't nurse for 48 hours after I woke up. My baby was hysterical and refused a bottle so I tried it anyway. I gave her a little and watched for the lethargy. And nothing. THe same thing when they gave me muscle relaxers. SHe was fine. The problem is that it is much easier to just tell women they can't BF with medicine than it is to spend the money to find out if it is safe. I would contact someone with La Leche League and ask them about your medication. You might find someone with experience who can tell you.