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Re: any polio survivors out there?

Originally Posted by lpiilani View Post
thanks for your story.....I am just suffering the effects of the polio I had at age 15.....thought I had recovered well, a little residual fatique and weaknes but all in all pretty good. Now I have a decided return to the old weaknes and discomfort in my legs and arms......have you found anything that helps? I have just started taking Polotin drops and will let you know tha reaction in 60 days.
May the Force Be With You....Ginger
Hi Ginger - I am new to the message board and am gaining a lot of support from this message board. In the past year, I have had extreme difficulty with my legs and hips. My legs at times, go numb and I also get the spasms or cramps. I am experiencing more pain almost constantly. Very difficult to walk. Can you tell me any more about the Polotin drops? I know you have only been on them a short period of time but I would be very interested in your progress after taking this.
I live in SO Calif, will be moving to San Diego shortly. If anyone knows of a PPS doctor in San Diego, I would love to know anything that can help me. I am also a member of PPS International and get their directory of doctors lsting. Thank You and take care of yourself and thanks to you and others for the support messages. Paula