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I Really Need Ppl's Opinions

k so im sure you have seen my many xanax
but ummm i am really comfy on it now...have only taken a few within the past four and i split them in half...
went to the dr. and he said it shouldnt be a long term thing and that you can addicted...which i already knew...i asked him if i could take one a day and he said yes...but wants me to really try not really wanting to try yet another took me forever to try the xanax...
i took a xanax tues and wed and was great then today went without one and was a mess...WAS LIGHTHEADED almost all day...and just sure it was just my normal anxiety but my feeling is why should i feel bad bout taking it everyday when he told me to but yet he told me to not use it long term AND that today i should wait till i feel anxiety...but i never do cause i usually just go through the anxiety
im not saying ill never try lexapro but for right now id be much more able to do the one xanax a day
i know ppl who have been on it for years...
i mean is that an ok decision for me...???

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