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Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?

Hi, I had my tonsels removed on the 26th. The first day I was doing amazing. Had no problems with anything. 2nd day I was doing pretty much okay, but started having troubles swallowing my liquids. Thursday, the 3rd day, I was still able to swallow. By Friday, I was having my worst time trying to swallow anything. By today, I am having the worst day of it yet. I woke up, couldn't talk at all (All the other days I could somewhat talk). Ive had this mucus like stuff build up on my tongue, back of my throat, and on the top of my mouth. Ive also had a cough that has been getting pretty bad. Today, I can't even swallow water very easily. Taking my meds, hurt very badly. I tried some apple cider, but I couldn't hold it. Now, no matter what I try to swallow, I have a hard time trying to keep it down.
I was just wondering, has anyone else been experiencing this?
It would be a great help if anyone could help at all.