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Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?

Good morning, everyone. Well, Day 7 isn't starting off so great. I'm now having more intense pain right on the tonsil site, and the ears are still just killing me. I'm praying this might be the scabs starting to slough off, but I'm not actually seeing much progress. This morning, taking my meds felt like swallowing acid, I literally shook with pain. But once the meds kicked in I'm back to feeling like I did before, woozy from the meds and just fainly nauseous all around.

I haven't had any issues with vomiting, thank goodness, and I'm really sorry for you, JMS, I'm sure it's just excruciating. Ava, it sounds like we're on a similar course, we just need to ride this out. At least we know it can't last forever, right?

Ugh, this stinks, I'm waiting any day now for life to get better.

Hope you all are hanging in there. Let me know how your day is going.