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Hi Lizzie and fellow Canadian as well. I was told by my specialist that sometimes with hearing loss, tinnitus does occur. Why, they do not know. As for an autoimmune disorder, my specialist said that to test for that you have to have the kit sent over from Boston. He tried to get the kit to find out if it is an autoimmune but O.H.I.P. wouldn't pay for it and it costs around $160.00 U.S. I was tested for everything, as to why I lost some hearing but to no avail. Frustrating isn't it!!! I wouldn't worry though Lizzie. My specialist said that it is rare to have an autoimmune disorder and hearing loss. Do you have a family and are they supportive and understanding? Since you are from Canada, call this number 810-547-4177. This excellent company, Personal Growth Technologies has this CD sampler for tinnitus sufferers and it is free. This sampler will help you to decide what CD is best for you and then you can order it (Tinnitus Relief System). It is fantastic. I listen to it everynight in bed and it really helps. I sometimes figure that with the tinnitus, it sometimes helps to give it a name, something special to just you. I call it my friend and then it is easier to accept. I don't know if that will be acceptable to you. It never hurts to try. Do you wear hearing aids and if so, do you find it helps? Well, fellow Canadian, I must log off for now and hope to hear from you again. Take good care and relax as much as possible. I do know for sure that stress aggravates tinnitus. By the way, did you get a major snow storm. We most definately did.