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Hi Liz,

Thanks 4 getting back. Poor you. It must be so maddening for you. I find that if you try and sit down and just say to yourself that this is ******* me off but that is okay. I think i will sit here and just go with the flow because at this time I am unable to do anything else. Also, have you ever had a second opinion about your ears? I have been to a lot of corny doctors who have diagnosed the wrong things. eek!!! My ear, nose, and throat specialist is excellent and I really trusted him. He came highly recommended. I don't know though about yours. He could be the best. If you doubt him of any sort, please get a second opinion. I am so glad for you that the medicine is helping. Did they say how long you have to be on the meds and what happens when you stop? It sounds as though you are quite positive about it all. I imagine it can get feeling helpless. I have been there so many times. Well, take good care. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Till we meet again.

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