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Post Eustachian Tube Catheter

For the past year and two weeks, I have been living with a defective eustachian tube. First, there was horrible popping in my left ear. Other times the left ear would feel plugged and tender. Then, the popping almost went away, only to be replaced by these maddening muscle spasms. When the muscle spasms were treated with botox injections, then surgery, I developed patulous eustachian tube dysfunction in my left hand eustachian tube. I have been suffering with this for four months now. First, my left ear would pop very loudly, followed by the severe noise of breathing against the ear drum. My voice gets distorted when I try to talk. THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE. I read an article on patulous eustachian tube dysfunction where there was a brief mention of a procedure where a plugged catheter is inserted in the defective eustachian tube preventing it from EVER popping open. Next a permanent ventilation tube is placed in the ear drum. This procedure would solve my problem once and for all. The question is, is this surgery routinely performed or only after mainy years of suffering after nasal sprays and drugs have failed? I am very desperate. My life is at a standstill. I can't do or enjoy anything. I can't study or go to work because this problem is so unbearable. Had it not been for my parents, I would be on welfare. Any information on this procedure would be helpful.

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