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mom still same--alz not progressed..but is that always a good thing ?

Hello all. Just another vent/ AHHHHH session, which I thank you in advance Mom is still the same. Dad is over here daily in tears asking what he can do. I've told him there isn't anything we really can do. Sometimes you wonder if it would be easier if she'd just forget completely, but then what fun is Grammy if she's just a lump? None, I realize that. But then she wouldn't be nasty and ripping people's heads off for no reason. She reminds me of that Diehard battery commercial, where there's 2 guys dressed as the positive and negative cells on the battery, one's all happy and bouncy and the other is just's like Mom's moods! You never know what you're going to get. Dad says once she gets up all she does is moan about feeling bad, and how god has forsaken her, and I can't live like this, don't get old thing.but I've heard her later and she's fine, much better mood. I've even noticed her HARD labored breathing is only sometimes, not always. Could some of this be an act? For my Dad, or me or one of my brothers?

She did tell me why she won't go to the doctor when I asked her this weekend. It's because she'd have to take a shower. She said that's too much work and she doesn't want to be bothered. SHe hasn't taken one in at least 2 years. I do wash her hair weekly, but that's even like pulling teeth.

Today is my day to grocery shop etc etc for my household. But, my brother has taken my dad on a day trip to a casino--they'll have a ball. So, the girls and I are heading over to Grammy's in a little bit. I have told her that she's going to come with us on our usual Friday stops. We can get a wheelchair cart so she doesn't have to walk much, but she'll probably fight that one. What's probably going to happen is that when we get there, she'll be in her negative mood and say she doesn't feel good and can't go. The kids will be so dissappointed, again. But we have to....we meet a friend for lunch on Fridays...(short lunch--1/2 hr tops). We've missed the past few so she's expecting us. Mom knows about it, and knows the's not like it's a big deal. But to her it may be. I really hope she goes. I guess I have to MAKE her if she tries to get out of it. Dad said he'd be home by 6pm, so it's going to be a LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG G day.

Thanks again for listening.....gotta go...stuff to do as always!


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