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Smile Re: Upper Thoracic Spinal Fusion and Now My Pain is Worse Than Ever !

Hey Margaret,

So what part of San Diego did you live in? I live in the Clairemont area. Do you like San Francisco, and whatís the weather like up there right now?

You mentioned taking baclofen, what kind of medication is that? I think when I see the Pain Specialist, I am going to also ask him about the Ultram, because that might be an option for me once I am off all the pain medications until they figure out whatís wrong and causing my pain.

So right now I am taking Neurontin, Norco, Wellbutrin, and Oxycodone. Oh I do occasionally take a low dose of Valium for back spasms, after my surgery I had them quite often, now I only have the occasionally.

I am like you, I found that initially the Neurontin did help me with my upper thoracic pain, but now I donít see it helping much, but I still take it because it really helps with my lower lumbar pain, and since there are no side effects for me, I donít mind taking it, I just have to remember to take it every 6 hours. I am on 2400mg a day, I take 600mg every 6 hours. How much were you taking a day?

Yes, you are right, steroids do slow the bone growth, which is why they wonít do my last lower lumbar injection until the break has completely healed. Wouldnít you know my stupid foot has decided to take itís sweet ole time in healing. Ugh !!! Very frustrating, besides the fact that I am tired of hobbling in a walking cast especially now that itís getting hotter each day.

They have me on a low dose of Wellbutrin right now, which works very well. I ask the Dr. who prescribes my Wellbutrin about any other drugs that might help with pain, and she did mention a low dose of Cymbalta, but she was a little concerned, since I just started the Oxycodone, and also because I am on so many other medications, I have quite a long list. So we are holding off for now, and I told her I would think about it. But I really donít need anything else for Depression issues at this point, what I need is pain control. So if it would help with my pain, then I might be willing to try it. I will research it and talk to her again about it.

What do you do for sleep? I donít sleep more than about 3 to 4 hours a night, and most nights I am woken up because of my pain. Then I canít get back to sleep until I take some pain medication and it has had time to kick in and work. I know that it is a known fact that sleep is very important in the healing process, so I know that it is not helping my back recovery or the healing of my foot.

I am like you also, in that I am not suppose to twist, lift, no prolonged sitting standing or walking. I am allowed to bend occasionally if I bend down at the knees, but with my cast right now I canít do that. I use a reacher/grabber thing to pick most things up off of the floor, or to reach things from cupboards. I normally have trouble reaching most things anyways, because I am only 4í 11Ē tall, so I am quite short.

I am eager to get my pain under better control, so that they will allow me to start some physical therapy. I would like to try it to see if it helps or not. But I am not sure if they are going to let me start it first or if they will first do tests to see what is causing my pain.

I realized today that ever since I fell and broke my foot, that is when my pain has started increasing. I also realized I have not had any recent x-rayís done since my fall. I will be having some taken in 2 weeks, so hopefully I didnít do anything when I fell. I will have to remind my Dr. about my fall. When I fell I was not wearing my back brace and I did land on my back. But since I had not initial increase in pain, they werenít too concerned about it.

As for the bone growth and fusion of the bone. My Dr. has me wearing a bone stimulator. Did you wear or are you wearing one of those? Some Dr.ís think they really work well, and otherís donít think thin they work at all. I have to wear it for at least 6 months or until my bone has healed.

As for my pain, I put a call into my Doctor yesterday on his cell phone (he gives it out to some of his patients.) to talk him about the new medication not working at all and find out if he wanst to increase it, take me off of it and change it or what he wants to do for me. So I will let you know what I find out, I am hoping he calls today. He is usually pretty good about calling back unless he is out of the country or something like that. I would just like to be pain free enough that I could sit up for short periods of time and not have to be flat all the time.

Are you able to work in San Francisco yet, or are you still off from work?

Well I think that is all for my book todayÖkeep in touch.