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Re: COPD anyone?

I'm surprised you were diagonosed with COPD 12 years ago and only have inhalers to help when you have trouble breathing. The fact that you're using the inhaler more often than before means you need other medications. One turning point with COPD is usually the inability to do something you used to do but now have trouble doing. For me it was climbing stairs. Or just walking. Or exercising. Being disabled might keep you from realizing how you're effected in this way. I refused to quit smoking for a long time after I was told to quit. I just loved to smoke. I was an expert smoker. I smoked everywhere all the time. I could even smoke in the shower. I can't tell when you quit smoking. Was it in June? Last month? The lungs are destroyed by smoking and they don't get better after quitting. They might gradually get worse with time. Oxygen doesn't come into the picture until later. Its not so bad. I sleep with oxygen and carry a little oxygen tank when I walk. It keeps me going. The pulmanary doctor will take care of you. Not an MD, but a real pulmanary doctor.
Congradulation on quitting smoking. Don't ever light up another cigarette. Thats the worst thing you can do at this point. I used jelly beans to quit. When I wanted a smoke I put a jelly bean in my mouth. I had bags of jelly beans. My wife used lemon drops. Anything to replace the cig. Be determined and don't give up. Eventually you will lose the urge to smoke. Always fight that urge. You may not be as bad off as you think and the day when you need oxygen could be a long long time from now. Maybe never. Good luck to you. And remember can do it.