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Re: mom still same--alz not progressed..but is that always a good thing ?

So, how did things go that day?

I hear you about the shower thing... I took care or a lady who had alz, and it was the same way with her!

I also used to help a lady who had TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)... taking her shopping was a horrible experience because the whole time she'd just whine and complain the whole time, saying, "I don't feel good, I shouldn't have come, let's go home, we'll do this another day (when I knew perfectly well she'd act the same exact way). That was the one person I helped who had me in tears by the end of every shift.

Even though I don't take care of a person with Alz at the moment (but my parents took care of my Grandma who had Alz. for 1 1/2 years), I am a caregiver, and understand how hard it can be.

Take CAre!!!