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Re: C3, C5 & C6 problems .....

Originally Posted by neckpatient View Post
Hi welcome to the board. Sorry for your problems.

There is a test called EMG (electromyogram) that can test for radiculopathies (nerve root compression). It isn't pleasant, a little painful at times, but can give more information to the story.
I've had the EMG test back on 2002 which my neuro said was normal. He refuses to re-test and order an updated MRI, stating that I only have arthritis in my neck that everyone gets. I have other issues with my neuro who also treats me for TBI, ADD, Migraine and post-concusive syndrome. Aside from the neck issue, I recently discovered through the TBI rehab work eval that he should have recommended treatment with a neuropsych which he failed to do. Orthopaedist put me in PT for a month with my neck and I couldn't tolerate the exercises as they kicked up my pain for days. Traction was wonderful, but ortho doesn't want to order home traction - wants to have neuro evaluate neck. So...I wait.