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Re: mom still same--alz not progressed..but is that always a good thing ?

Thanks for the response.

Friday went about as well as I had expected. The girls and I went over Fri a.m. and Mom was adamant about not going. She didn't feel good, was tired, the usual. I had told her (and have told her since) that she's feels as good as she wants to let herself feel. That she makes herself not feel good when it's convenient sometimes. I was NOT going to give in and let her win by staying home. My Dad was gone for the day and I had things I HAD to do. Our family had been on vacation and had lots to do when I got back. Well. . . . it ended up a compromise I guess. She didn't win and came with us, but I didn't win because she sat in the car the WHOLE time. SHe sat in the car at stores, at grocery stores and even at mcdonalds! She sat with her crossword puzzle book and opened windows. The kids were dissappointed, but appreciated that she got out of the house.

Today (Mon.) was laundry day. We went over did the house work etc etc, but she wouldn't let us wash her hair. She still won't take a shower. I guess it'll just be an on going battle, time will tell I guess. Maybe one of these days she'll surprise me and say "sure, why not"

Thanks again for your reply!