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Re: I Really Need Ppl's Opinions

No, that isn't bad. I just saw where someone is taking those 2mg's four times a day, plus lots of ssri stuff. Yeow.

I have taken Xanax on and off for 11 years now. It has saved my life many times. I recently started having panic attacks again so am back on it daily. I have dwindled it down to twice daily most days. Sometimes more. Depends on the day. But I have taken myself off of it several times. It can be hard because I take it at night and it helps me sleep. Takes a few restless nights to get back to normal again. If you were ever normal at sleeping. Anxiety does that.

I have used up to 9mgs a day a long time ago, to 1mg a day, to half a mg a day now (most days) and have had some horrible panic attacks...since I was 7. I am 38. So I understand. I am going in tomorrow to the psychi. and might try Lexapro. I have read some good things on here about it and other places. Start low dosage though. That is the key. I am very sensitive to meds too...except Xanax when the panic hits. Then I need more!

Good luck!