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Re: Support Group

I love my support group. I have been in two. This is the second group. I was uncomfortable with the first one and left because the facilitator decided to move the group to his home and that violates NAMI guidelines. I don't know if he realized it or cared but NAMI guidelines recc. a neutral location. And I was not going to this guys house...just wasn't feeling it so I left that group about 4 years ago. Other than that it was great to listen and talk with people who knew what I was going through and be sounding boards for each other. It was nice to have the support I also made friends with some and I still communicate with a friend I madewho currently resides in Ireland.

I have been involved iwth my current group for about two years. We meet from 7:00-8:00/30 twice a month in a library meeting room. I usually look forward to going although when I am depressed I have to force myself to go, but I always feel better afterwards. I even structured my work schedule so that I could have that time off to attend. It becomes cathartic for me, especially when I am depressed. And a reality check when I am flying a bit to high.

Don't feel as though you have to say anything in the beginning if you don't feel comfortable...they usually will not force you to say anything...but you warm up to it.

I hope you go tonight and let us know how it was.

Many people on the board would benefit from hearing about a bipolar support group.

All the best,

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