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Re: Tonsillectomy post-op: Day 7 - I'm in heaven!!

I am SO happy for you, Nikkers! I sure searched your miracle drug on the internet to see if we had it in the US under another name, but no cigar.

I agree with what you said about crying. I had a rough night and was really depressed today, so I ended up crying for several hours, and I feel a lot better now.

I know it's too soon to tell, but I am thinking I might feel less fatigued than I have in months, just because those nasty tonsils are no longer in my body. It also might be because I'm not having to go to work and have the luxury of lounging around the house for a few more days, but hey, I've been quite short on optimism lately so I will take it where I can get it!

Can you tell me exactly how you know your scabs are coming off? What does it feel like? This is day 9 for me and I have had weird sensations in my throat as of last night, like a sort of itching feeling, but no evidence that anything has actually come off.

Wow, your ELO song sure brings back memories! I wore that record out as a kid! "Don't Walk Away" was a song I loved from that album. Aah, the good old days!

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