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Re: Tonsillectomy post-op: Day 7 - I'm in heaven!!

Great, thanks for the info. I look in my throat and there are just big white patches like always. The itchy feeling seems to be lower than where I can see. I don't have a fever anymore and I'm feeling better and eating better, so I am just going to assume I am healing normally. I actually had Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and mushrooms today. I couldn't eat a lot, but it sure was yummy.

My tongue is still really sensitive and the corners of my mouth are still cracked, but I think that is left over from the evil THRUSH. That's one thing I would add to your very informative OP, how to avoid thrush. I think my biggest error was not rinsing my mouth well after I took my antibiotic. Well, first I would hold it in my mouth for a while, trying to get the nerve up to swallow, and then it was sort of soothing going down so I would just go straight to bed without drinking another thing. That, plus the added sugar intake from the Gatorade (I really don't like drinking plain water but it certainly has been my best friend this last week) really made my mouth a happy place for thrush to thrive.

I tried Ibuprofen but it did next to nothing for me. I might see about the Celebrex though.

Well, congratulations on a successful healing! I'm glad we are on the tail-end of this!