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Re: Tonsillectomy post-op: Day 7 - I'm in heaven!!

You poor thing, I can't begin to imagine what thrush would be like That would be an excellent idea for you to start a post about how to avoid it. A pharmacist once told me that thrush thrives on sugar and if it weren't for that information, I probably would have eaten a lot of sugary stuff during my recovery. I've always drunk Yakult every day (probiotic milk) so I may have avoided it anyway.

It's great to hear you had a yummy meal... mmmm!! I bet that was almost a spiritual experience for you. I'm dying for a steak sandwich and nachos *drool*

Do you have much mucus at all? I have heaps, right at the very back in the corner. I'm constantly spitting and I'm soooo over it.

Also, in regards to your tongue being sore, is it at the very back on either side near your tonsil bed? I can't seem to move my tongue around my mouth too much and I can't clear food from my teeth without this weird muscular pain. My lips are still very dry and the corners were split too but I find that Blistex and Carmex are working really well to soften the skin and the chapping.

As for the snorting sound that comes from the back of my throat when I speak - man, it's bloody irritating the bejeezus outta me!