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Re: mom still same--alz not progressed..but is that always a good thing ?

Hello again everyone---

Just a quick note (I'll try not to ramble!) and I'm asking for any suggestions you can think of. . . .My Dad came over the other day, asking for help to get my Mom to go to the Dr. ...>Dad wants her to get oxygen levels checked and some blood tests and just a regular complete check up, it's been years since she'd had one. He asked for me to help trying to get her to go. When we went over there later I tried. I made suggestions. I tried bribery. Nothing worked. I said that she's always saying how she hates feeling like she does and that maybe it would help her to feel better. Maybe the Dr. could give her something or if something is physically wrong with her, he could fix it. When her nasty, cynical response was "So what's he gonna pump me full of pills!? No thank you........" She basically said she'd rather be dead than have to do that....take a shower, get cleaned up, go to see Dr and all.

What can we do? I told Dad to arrange for a home appt. and not tell Mom until that morning, to surprise her. he said he couldn't do that to her, she'd have a heart attack on him or something. What do we do? Just smile and make nice, listen to her repeated stories and questions and just watch her starve herself and die? My poor father is going out of his mind. Any hints or suggestions would be great. Thank you !!!

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