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Re: fingers moving without me moving them

if you are actually having muscle spasms in other areas,chances are that this is what could be triggering the finger movements.nerve damage can also create thse little wonders too.i get these mostly in my L fingers.i can just be sitting there doing nothing and all of the sudden my middle finger just jolts into a sudden spasm and moves toward the the pinkie.i also get little'vibrations'? type things where it just sits and kind of fibrillates?very very wierd.i know it all has to do with my level of damage i have.if this is a sudden onset type of thing it wouldn'e hurt to have it evaluated by your NS and also maybe obtain an EMG to see if the nerve flow has somehow changed?this is what i am in the planning of(my right side has decided to go insane now too).i just got my referral for the EMG from my primary to go back and see my physiatrist who was also my actute rehab doc post SCI.he did my previous EMG way back in 03 a few months after my spinal cord surgery.thats when i found out how truely messed up my left hand was from the damage incurred during my surgery.lost eight intrinsic muscles there.i would get this checked out tho.some changes just happen with time and deterioration but others could be from a more significant change,or even something new to deal with.been there done that one to death.just get it looked into to be sure there is nothing else going on.hope things are stable for ya,please keep us posted.marcia
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