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Re: Anyone ever get a mole removed?

It depends on what type of mole it is. I had a mole that is that type that goes deeper into the skin, so it had to be removed with a little round cookie cutter type of tool. It was done in the office, and he gave me a shot of something to numb the area, then he cut it out and had to stitch up the area. It was only really sore that night and the next day. I believe there were 4 stitches, and they were in for 2 weeks, and when I went back for him to check them, he took out two of them, but the other two stitches couldn't be taken out yet, so I had them in for another week or two. I still have a scar there after a year, but it's fading.
And the mole was sent off to a lab for them to test for cancer cells.

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