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Claustrophobia and MRIs

I was just wondering how many people hate MRIs as much as I do? I am getting my 6th one tomorrow (cervical spine) and I still dread these things. Only one time (the 1st time) did I come close to freaking out and asking to be let out of the machine. But I talked myself out of it, because I knew I would never find out what was wrong if I didnt have it. It was a longgggg 45mins! The rest of the times I took a Valium and it was tolerable. I just did visualizations of ocean waves or pictured beautiful mountain scenes. I had a 2 level ACDF last Jan. and already I have to do an MRI because they are thinking another level is presenting problems. I am trying not to let my imagination run away with me before I even know the results. I see the spinal surgeon for my 6 month appt. on Tues. the 17th. Here's to having NO MORE problems!

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