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Re: Grief. over husbands suicide

Hi, Caren ~ I think it is good for you to have opened up about this....what a heavy load to carry. As far as telling your daughters....I don't know, I have two teenage daughters and couldn't imagine what I would do. I guess my first instinct would be to protect their image of who their father was....I guess I wonder what good would come out of telling them how their father died..particularly when it comes to taking his own life. Some just can't handle that information and he was sick as you said with major health issues. So personally I would probably want them to believe that he died due to health problems.

Nobody can tell you what to do as far as telling your daughters or not, however, if your daughters asked you about their suspicions then by all means you should be truthful. As far as telling them I would imagine that it would be just as difficult for them to bear as it is for you. You should definitely keep on talking this out with somebody....bearing this all alone is not good and you need to let it out. I know that there must be a support group for those who lost loved ones to suicide....perhaps calling the suicide hotline and inquiring about that would be a good place to start.

I noticed your post on the Bipolar board and I think that you are going through some depression and should really look into having the doctor look at your meds and see if there might be something else to add that will help you through this difficult time.

I am sending lots of (((((HUGS))))) and prayers your way. I sure hope that you find some peace and healing for yourself....I know that you have a strong faith as I do and God will certainly see you through this difficult time. If you haven't already read the story called "Footprints" do a search and it will definitely be something that will help you through.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and continue to post and let your feelings out....there are many here who truly will understand and help you through.

Love and ^prayers^ ~ Goody