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Re: Anyone ever get a mole removed?

are you seeing a dermatologist?the wait would be patients that go to see any specialist generally have a very long wait.if you just see your primary,they would be able to do just as good of a job and do a biopsy and it would get sent out and checked for any signs of cancer.

i have had five moles removed over the years with one turning out to be a basal cell cancer.if you are going to end up with any type of skin cancer,the basal cell is the one to get.when i went back to have my stitches removed,thats when i found out one of them was a basal.he just,instead of removeing the stitches,just cut around the whole area and then stiched me up again,and sent that chunk of skin to the lab for another biopsy.the margins were all clean so he did get it all for primary did all of this for me.if you have a suspicsious looking mole,i would NOT wait three whole months to have it checked out,really.time is tissue,so to speak.most primary clinics know all about how to do a simple punch biopsy or how to remove the whole entire mole down to the root.they do this alot.i seriously would just get this preliminary stuff done with your primary clinic and if need be,see the serm.otherwise you will just be waiting forever.if this is purely a cosmetic thing,then maybe the wait would be fine.its kind of up to you.

i do have to add that the mole i had removed that turned out to be the basal cell really didn't appear odd looking other than it was just much blacker(very flat looking)than my other millions of moles and it kind of made a very sudden appearance in between my shoulder blades.this was also an area that really never saw alot of sun.the only reason really thay my doc removed it when i pointed it out was because it just suddenly appeared one day.we were really both rather shocked that it was indeed cancer of any kind ya know?every mole should just be screened when it is just never know with skin cancer.if i were you,i really wouldn't wait those three months,espescially if this is one you are suspiscious of.JMO.good luck,**