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Re: I Really Need Ppl's Opinions

well talking to my family doc doesnt help much...he knows little bout anything...first of all he told me lex will not cause more like ok ummmm it is a KNOWN fact that it does
but anyway he wants me take buspar...
next time i see him im gonna ask bout klonopin
but yeah i mean i started with 1/4 of a 10 mg. of lex and now taking a half a pill for the last two far its fine...sat. i felt great and took no xanax...yesterday i took biggest problem is when i work...i have attacks so im not sure if i should WAIT till i have one at work or take one before work...i do feel a bit better and even though im having more intense attacks they arent more than i used to...just more intense when i do get them...BUT for some reason i feel a bit better already on the in im not thinking bout the attacks as much...
so anyway i think im a just use the xanax as needed and then just see what happens
i have no clue why one pill doesnt effect me the same clue cause i dont and have never taken lots of xanax...guess maybe it is the lex...