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Question Apartment Mold?? Do they pay for testing??

hey everyone! i've been living in my apt for about a year and half now. i haven't had any problems until lately. a few months back my toilet flooded my bathroom, which the water flooded into my entire closet floor/carpet (which is a big closet). they took at least 4 days to get it dried out by a carpet cleaner and then cleaned---it smelled absolutely horrible in my whole apt. the smell was gone after they cleaned the carpet though.

about a month ago, my old a/c unit leaked onto my bedroom carpet and they didn't get that fixed/cleaned for almost a week, but it wasn't nearly as big of a spot as the entire closet was. they unclogged the a/c unit with some draino type stuff, and no leak since then.

however, since that week, i've been really tired and felt like crap. i'm wondering if there is any lingering mold in my apt, or if the a/c ducts need to be cleaned---my a/c unit is the oldest in the entire complex and is about from 1970's (late).

do the apartment owners pay for someone to test for mold? i would like to know please anyone help, i would like to have it done...but i know it can be costly. but isn't it my right to request it if there has been water damage,etc? that, or i'm seriously thinking of moving out-which is also costly and i really don't want to have to do unless there is a mold/ allergy problem in here.

thanks anyone!

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