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Healthy guy with scalp & forehead tightness/numbness!

I've always been very healthy, but for about 5 weeks now I have had constant tightness and slight numbness from my upper nose through my forehead and scalp, including behind the ears. A little history: I had bronchitis in December, followed by rhabdomyolysis (probably due to the infection) and then felt fine all Spring. Then suddenly I got this head tightness that I've heard referred to as "glove and sock" sensation, like there's always something on my head. It's over the whole surface and is constant - the entire area of my head, minus my cheeks and jaw. It's less a numbness than it is a tightness, and kind of fuzzy feeling too. I don't have headaches, my sinuses are perfect, and there's no pain in my head. Now suddenly I have tingling in my fingers, kind of hot and cold, as well as dull throbbing joint pain in my both hands. People say I may have Lyme's Disease (infections can affect the tri-geminal nerve) since I'm often in the woods in New England, but I don't feel sick. Though I did neglect to mention that two months ago I got 3 cold sores and subsequently had big lumps in my armpits, like swollen lymph nodes. Could all this be post-infection nerve weirdness? It's a terrible feeling and it doesn't go away. It's actually getting worse, kind of spider-web fuzzy feeling. My doctor is being no help - says it's stress and fatigue. He's wrong, I know it. Any ideas?

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