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Lightbulb Can anybody relate to? Advise? Explain my symptoms?

Hi everyone,

I have only recently discovered this forum when googling some symptoms that have been plaguing me for years, but I could not explain/describe at all. I was astounded to see so many people with the same symptoms as me. I had thought I was just getting older (I am 26!). I am having ZERO luck in finding a diagnosis of any kind and hope someone can maybe suggest something I haven't tried.

Firstly, these are my symptoms, as best as I can remember them:
  • The usual foggy, detached, spaced out feelings. I feel like I'm dreaming or something, very difficult to explain.
  • Lack of mental sharpness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Blurring vision
  • Lots of "floaters" on my eyesight when I look at a white wall or clear sky.
  • Really bad fatigue during the day (Although this is less at weekends)
  • excessive Mucus
  • And strangely a weird crackling noise from my ears when I equalise.
  • Only one nostril works at any one time (they both work, but not simultaneously)
I had never thought that the sympoms were an actual medical problem, dont ask me why! So having read all of the great descriptions of people similarly concerned as me, off I went to the GP, now better able to explain and describe how I felt (Foggy, detached, not sharp etc) and fully anticipating there to be an inner ear explaination.

The GP was very understanding, I was fully expecting her to call me a maniac!Once I had described my symptoms to the GP, she instantly said that it was an inner ear problem, but took bloods to test for any other problems. Blood tests were all normal, B12, iron, Thyroid function (although on that I'm not convinced yet) And said the next step was to see the ENT.

My visit to the ENT was very different to the GP. I tried as best I could to explain my symptoms, but struggled somewhat. The ENT guy made me feel ridicluous, and said that he doubted that it was his area, said i had no inner ear/eustachian tube problems at all. He even asked me did I hear voices!! It was quite annoying though...

Anyway, he suggested that I go for the MRI and Audiogram, which bothe came back clear and normal.

Now he is sending me to see an Opthalmologist (sp?) for my eyesight, which I must admit is drving me potty, but I'm not sure it is the root of the problems.

At the moment I am about to leave my job as I just cannot concentrate at all anymore, and I nearly falling asleep during the day. I'm going back to my old job which uses the brain a lot less...

Sorry for going on, but I've seen some really helpful advice, and was hoping I might get some too!

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end.

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