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My problem is a severe burn in the middle of the chest that comes on with sudden exertion, like a run for a bus, or a 1 block SPRINT on the bike. I have no trouble walking long distances at a moderate speed (3 miles/hour) or biking for miles at a "lollygag" pace. The pain/burn stops about 5 minutes after the exertion stops.
I had a stress test with echocardiogram about 2 years ago and in spite of developing pain during the test, with the doctor (cardiac specialist) urging me on to finish the 12 minute test. ("Can you work through the pain?) I finished and was echo-grammed.

His diagnosis was "much better tolerance for excercise than expected for a man his age, 58, despite ischemia and high blood pressure and high heart rate during and after stress test."
He told me "I don't think your pain is cardiac."

The pain continues to worsen- it's scarey! It actually feels like the pain is coming from scorched airways (bronchi or lower trachea), but that's highly subjective.
Besides heartburn (or GERD) are there any other conditions I should look into.

In spite of the stress test, I think I will push my PCP to order an angiography when I next see him. (My mother died of coronary heart disease with multiple blockages, one of which MAY actually have been congenital.)

Any ideas for me- let your imagination run wild...I'm up for anything.
(I really don't want to put myself through the pain of another stress test).

What I'll do today is ride my bike hard and see how long it takes to get pain. THEN tomorrow I'll do the same after having taken about 40 propranolol (Inderal) and see if there is a large difference.
Hey, I'm an engineer- testing is in my blood and I'm tired (and scared) of ignoring this issue.

Thanks for listening guys.

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