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Hi Zip2play:
May I ask, was the cardiologist supervising your stress test a complete and utter idiot? Sometimes, they actually come pre-stamped with "idiot" on their foreheads. My suggestion would be to take the results of that stress-echo and (no, not do the obvious) discuss with a different cardiologist. Preferably one who didn't graduate at the bottom of his class. You had ischaemia, but it wasn't cardiac-related?? I hesitate to ask what he was imaging, if not your heart.
Biking till you reproduce the pain doesn't seem an appropriate "bench test" (I think you engineers coined this one) to assess coronary blockage. And because Inderal (beta blocker??) wouldn't kick in with one dose, it's doubtful it would have any impact on your symptoms during post-testing. Get a referral to a different cardiologist and discuss the possibility of an angiograph with him/her.
Just suggestions from a non-engineer!