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Thanks to both of you.

I know about the GERD/angina connection since my mother had both- as seemingly LOTS of people. I guess the MD's are often diagnosising one for the other. I really DO have clear symptoms of both.

You are absolutely right and I will not rest until I have some sort of angiography done. I guess the choices are with or without a cardiac MRI.
I disagree on only one teeeny point. Since I've taken propranolol years ago for high blood pressure because I hated all the other long-long lasting beta blockers. I know that it is fast acting and kicks in within an hour (and out within about 6- thus making it a rotten drug for blood pressure control) but a good angina blocker for a specific, anticipated stress effect.
(I've sort of noticed that after one I can sprint up several flights of stairs with no discomfort.)

The whole realization of likely angina (after several years of denial) has, unfortunately, thown me into a sudden deep funk that I hope passes quickly since I'm in the process of an ear surgery. TOO much doctoring in a short period of time is definitely one of life's bigger downers.