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How can you tell if ear problem is bacterial?

I have had vertigo (not severe, just feels like I'm walking on a boat most of the time) for about a week now. I also have ear fullness, some roaring/whooshing, and some facial/head congestion. Everything seems to shift - when I feel congested, the dizziness is relieved and vice versa. I have no drainage, but if I am able to relax and/or take expectorant, decongestant, etc., I drain like crazy.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor and he did a hearing test and tempanogram. The nurse said I hear like a hawk, but I have fluid in both ears (not a flat line, but not at all a sharp peak). My diagnosis was "serous otitis media". The doctor told me to take Mucinex and drink, drink, drink (water, that is). He didn't think antibiotics would help, but how does he know it is not bacterial?

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