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Question Is this lyme or something else, please help!

Well for the past month in a half i've been having some serious panic attacks. I owuld start to fall asleep then leap out of bed trying to catch my breath, my chest then starts to burn then thighten up from my shoulder to my jaw and it makes it hard for me to breath. My hear starts to pound very hard and very fast. I usually don't fall asleep untill around 5-7 am then get up with my children around 8-9, but during the day i would feel fine untill night came back around. Saturaday 14,2007 me and my family went out to the lake where my finaces grandmother lives to go swiming and see family that came into town. well i was waking along the dock stop turned around and my left leg fell through where a board was missing. I have a nice bruise on my left leg near my hip. Well sunday night I had jsut sat down to watch a movie and then all of a sudden the pressure in my head got really bad and i felt what felt like a pop in my head, it started to burn all over myhead. i went to the er they did a CT scan and said everything looked normal. They diasnosied me with Costochondritis(inflamation of the the cartilage and muscle of the chest) and just regular headaches, so i went home.monday i wasn't feeling so great so i stayed in bed for mos tof the day and most of tuesday, tuesday afternoon i walked back up to the er becasue my right side of my face had gbeen numb for the past two days and i felt dizzy and disorenited. and more chest pain and tightening in my chest and i could feel a headahce on the left side of my head. They did an EKG and said everything was fine, they did blood work and said that came back normal, The doctor then diagnoised me has having vertigo, gave me meds for that and my migrains, but the meds don't seem to work. I am so confused and really want some in put on what could be going on with me since the doctors can't figure it out.

I have a doctor appointment today, wonder what he will tell me hopefully he will know what is going on and get me treated. But here is a list of my symptoms:
1. numbness in right side of face
2. muscles tightened up from bottom of neck to top of jaw
3. chest pain sharp off and on
4. tightening of muscles in chest
5. hard to breath
6. feel very weak
7. get dizzy and diorenited
8. stomach turning like i want to throw up
9. diahrea, yellowish water like with what looks like mucus or tissue in it
10. feel like i am going to faint or pass out.
11. rapid heart beats
12. panic attacks that last from minutes to hours

Please if any one has any insight to this it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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