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Re: Ruptured ovarian cyst, even on Yasmin?!

Did they tell you what kind of cyst did you have?

There are a few types of cysts. Functional Cysts are developing eggs that form a follicle, or sac. When the egg is mature, the sac ruptures, and the egg is released.
Ovarian Neoplasms cysts are the result of normal reproduction, endometriosis or hormone imbalances.

Dermoid cysts, cystadenoma cysts, endometrioma cysts, and polycystic ovarian disease often occur as the result of an imbalance of female hormones.

Fibroids can happen too with abnormal hormones. I've had a couple cysts rupture while on BCP. I have cysts on both ovaries. I've been on many brands of BCP for over 15 years and I still have get cysts.