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Re: Apartment Mold?? Do they pay for testing??

Hi there! Laws may vary from state to state but in general, it is always the landlord's obligation to maintain and correct unhealthy living conditions. It is NOT your responsibility -- they actually have a responsibility to YOU but it may be difficult to obligate them to test. The two places I'd suggest you start is by calling your local Dept. of Health and if there is a city or state division that governs renters and rights, I'd call them as well. Make sure you have everything documented (dates of occurrences, etc.) and try to put as much in writing as you can. Please keep us posted and update the board so perhaps somone else can be helped by your experience. Mold is not good -- and even if the source has been dealt with, there can be lingering spores that can cause problems if the place is not cleaned correctly. Good luck!

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